Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Amazing Years

Hello followers of Madison's blog,
This is John making a guest appearance on the blog! I'm not really sure what a standard blog post should be like so I think I am just going to write down some of my musings on this very special day! Why is this day so special you might ask? Today is 3 the year anniversary of our relationship! Wow I guess 3 years is quite a long time. 3 years is 17% of my life so far! The crazy part is that these past 3 years have gone so quickly and I think that has a lot to do with having Madison as my girlfriend. I am a strong believer in the saying that "time flies when your having fun". I think that is my explanation for why these 3 years have gone bye in a blur. In 3 years the longest I have been away from her were the first 3 months of college. That time was probably the most challenging stretch of time in my life and I have learned so much. I learned how much just having my best friend (Madison) there to hangout and talk to helps me stay positive and happy. It's almost like having someone to vent my problems and frustrations helps me keep my sanity. I also learned how valuable it is to be around someone that knows you so well and thinks all of your jokes are funny. Madison is someone that I don't have to try and act normal around, I can just be me and I think that is one of the things I love most about her. I was sad to leave her again after just a few short days where she reminded me of all the reasons that I love her so much. I can't wait to be back with her in a couple of weeks and celebrate her favorite holiday! She gave me a trip to the ballet for a present before I left and I absolutely loved it! I think dancing is a fascinating art form and it was intriguing to see. I have to admit though that I didn't quite understand what was going on so luckily she was there to explain it all to me. I can't wait to give her my present when I return! It's a super secret surprise so I won't divulge any secrets here.

 Madison gave me this picture in a little picture frame before I left. I think Madison thinks I haven't taken it out of the package yet but in truth I keep it on my desk next to my bed. That picture serves as a constant pick me up when I'm feeling stressed or a little upset. I look at it every morning when I get up and it inspires me to go conquer the day like I know she always is. I also look at it when I get sick of doing homework to remind myself that I gotta keep working that way she will be proud when I succeed. I also look at it before hopping into bed every night because it helps me relax and shake off the day as I remember how relaxed and happy I am when I am around her. I am so lucky to have met such a spectacular lady so early in my life, it is truly one of my greatest blessings. I love her so much.
To many more,