Sunday, December 27, 2015


Christmas was beautiful, as usual. I've been in a bit of a slump these past two days and I think it has something to do with Christmas being over.

John got home the day before Christmas Eve so it was a tad difficult to get him into the spirit of things. But I consider myself a Christmas elf, so I think I cheered him up! On Christmas Eve morning  we got breakfast and exchanged presents. I spent that night with my family playing games and ringing in Christmas day.

I was spoiled on Christmas and was reminded just how awesome my family is. We made a Mexican style Christmas lunch and then I had ravioli at John's house later that night. It's family tradition that I fully support because their ravioli is to die for. John broke the record of most ravioli pieces eaten (which was 46) at 47 pieces.

Besides Christmas, my life has pretty much been a lot of hanging out, spanish (a wintermester of an online spanish class) and playing spades with my family. My dad just taught me how to play and I think I'm addicted... even though I'm horrible at it!

I'm giving myself a nice break until after New Year's, but after that, I need to get planning for the next semester. This next semester will be crazy, I have a feeling. But isn't it always crazy with me? Anyways, this break has been exactly what I needed. Lots of sleep and good food and cuddles. 

^ Isn't my dog the cutest. She's actually yawning... I guess her bone wasn't entertaining.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Reflecting Over Coffee

^ I'm currently at a cute, little coffee shop, studying for my two finals. Wish me luck!

The fall semester of my sophomore year is almost over. How did that happen? I still remember moving into my freshman dorm, so nervous for the years that lay ahead of me. I didn't even know where my classes were, let alone where life would lead me. This semester has been so different... I can't believe how much I have grown. 

So much has happened since I've been here. I have been given so much, sometimes I can't believe it. My roommate Clara always manages to remind me of that. She said something so true the other day. She said that we are living in the time we always talked about. Like, in high school, I would dream of college and where I would be. I would talk to my family about the time when I would finally be at UT (I hoped). And here I am, living in that time. Truly living in it. Last year, I was just trying to survive college and look like I knew what I was doing. Now, a year later, classes are going alright, I'm serving on Kappa Delta exec and my friends and sisters are incredible. I feel confident in who I am and who I am becoming. I can't believe how lucky I am.

This semester has been really hard, school wise, though. I've somehow made it to the end (two finals to go!!!) and am almost halfway done with my time here at UT. Time is going fast. College has been so good to me. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Reminder

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't felt inspire lately. I guess I have plenty of others thing that are on my mind so blogging just isn't a priority. But today, I got this. And it made me happy. And it reminded me that I love this little blog of mine and that I need to pay more attention to it. 

Thanksgiving was really good. Short, but really, really good. As usual, seeing my family and my dogs and JOHN was the best. I came back to school five pounds heavier but much happier. I'm in the midst of finals now and am so ready for Christmas break. I like to think of myself as a Christmas elf because I freakin' love this time of year and let everyone within ten feet of me know it. My room is decked out, gifts are wrapped and my heart is full. One week till home!!!! Also, John and I's 4 year anniversary is tomorrow. 4 years?! What?! Sometimes I feel like these 4 years flew by and other times I feel like John and I have been together for waaaaay more than 4 years... maybe 40. I don't know, but either way I love that boy and am so excited for our next year. We won't be physically together celebrating, of course, but I'm sending him love from almost 2,000 miles away. But now, it's back to studying. Thanks for the study break, blog.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prier Pour Paris

It's a scary world we live in. Going to Paris with my family three summers ago was the trip of a lifetime. I wish other people could travel and simply just live without having to be in fear. Whether you're in Paris, Beirut or any other place that faced attacks on Friday, prayers are with you. The world is a beautiful place - let's keep it that way. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Yale Round 2

Well, I had another trip to New Haven that is one for the books. I flew in on Thursday night and by Sunday I was dreading the fact that I had to leave, of course.

When I showed up on Thursday, I was rolling my suitcase through campus, when I crossed the street and there was John! My guy. We smiled and giggled and hugged and I was so happy to see him again. Whenever we see each other again, it’s so funny because things instantly click back into normal, as if we were never apart. I love that about us – that even after months of separation, we will always remain the same. Later, we grabbed some pizza and cookies and walked through campus a bit. We stayed up late catching each other up on everything.

The next day, John had football practice for a few hours. So, I was left to be on campus, all by myself! I strapped on my backpack and tried to blend in with the Ivy Leaguers as much as possible. I think it worked, considering people asked me for directions – twice!!! Yale’s campus is so beautiful. I was walking around in complete heaven looking at the buildings and bricks and changing trees. I found a Starbucks (naturally) and waited for a couple hours before John’s family showed up and he got done with practice. We grabbed pizza for dinner (yep, two nights in a row… it’s New Haven, so what else are you going to eat?) and caught up with his family.

Saturday was game day! I’ve been waiting for the day I would finally get to see John play football again. I get butterflies just thinking about those first couple weeks when we started to crush on each other, when I would see him out on the field. I would gush to my friends about him and watch #47 the entire game. Who cares about the score when you get to see John play, right? Yale lost, sadly, but John played so well. I am so proud of him! We were lame on Halloween night, but John was exhausted and deserved a night of rest. So, we ended the day by watching Beetlejuice (such a strange movie) and snuggling up with his siblings.

Now, I am typing this on a very bumpy plane and heading for Austin. I actually considered skipping my flight and going home another time… maybe next weekend? But, school and responsibilities await. Seeing John always makes me feel like I’m in a dream where everything is okay and I have nothing to do but be with him. I wish I could stay with him forever!

Friday, October 30, 2015

That Winter Feeling

^ Our second winter together out in the "snow". I obviously was in need of some selfie taking practice.

I'm currently sitting at a Starbucks in New Haven while John is at football practice. Today, I walked around by myself and tried to pretend I knew where I was going. Someone even asked for directions and I got a student discount at the Yale Bookstore. I look like I go here!!! (I know I look like a normal college student on a college campus but, like, it's Yale. Just go with it and make me feel smart)

Being here in chilly weather has made me really excited for winter. Everyone has cute scarves and hats and look all bundled up. Something about the winter season is so exciting. It sounds cheesy, but it's such a magical time of year. I get giddy just thinking about. Summer is great and all, but you can only wear Nike shorts and t-shirts for so long... I also might be a little bitter about Summer because I manage to somehow never get a tan. But, that's beside the point.

There are so many exciting things in winter. Like, Thanksgiving, Christmas, warm clothes, Christmas, fire pits, cuddle sessions, and did I mention Christmas? I also think I love winter because I started dating John in December. I think back to that time and how exciting it was. I remember being out in the cold together for our first couple of dates, while my stomach did flip flops at the thought of him becoming my boyfriend. The night we became "official" we were out looking at Christmas lights together. For our three year anniversary, John took me out on a "Christmasy" date with all of my favorite things. Like Christmas lights and Christmas movies and ice skating. And last year, when I came to visit in February, John and I went to New York City while snow fell around us. Besides the feeling of hypothermia, it was the perfect winter setting.

There is just so much about winter to love. 

^ An oldie but goodie, walking around outside looking at Christmas lights. John eventually grew out of his inability to take a serious picture (kind of) :)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

30,000 Feet

^A perk of early morning flights? Looking out your window and seeing the sun rise with the moon watching over us. 

As a self proclaimed lover of alone time, airports are fun. I like that I can sit and eat my McDonald's sausage biscuit in peace. I can read my book and take a nap in a chair and no one judges me. Airports rock (except for when you get really confused about layovers... ugh, adult stuff).

I'm on my way to see my boy! I haven't seen him since August. This time last year, I was waiting till Thanksgiving to see him. That was three months of pure torture. I told my parents I could never do that again. They understood and let me buy a plane ticket to go see my best friend. So here I am, hanging out in Chicago waiting for my flight to Hartford. Cue my inner happy dance for some solitary time and being just a few hours away from John!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Give and Take

^ Trying to focus on happy things in life. Like cute pumpkins.

I am such a mess right now. School is killer... this semester has been the worst one for me so far. Maybe it's my stats class, maybe it's all of it combined, but I can't seem to keep it together. I'm trying to juggle everything, but sometimes my hands get all tangled. 

I've been thinking about my future a lot and what I want in my life. I worry about how to get there, things that could mess it up... the list goes on and on. I get sick sometimes thinking about the standards I need to maintain and the goals I want to achieve. My brain won't stop running.

This morning, I sat down and reminded myself: the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Sometimes  I get an A, sometimes I don't. And on a bigger scale, sometimes I reach my goals, sometimes I don't. I feel like such a failure sometimes and like I'm not quite good enough for this school... but I need to breath and cast my anxiety on Him. I am at UT for a reason and everything I get or don't get is the Lord's will. Life is all about a little give and take... it just takes a lot for me to realize that.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Guys. I am STRESSED. Today, I actually thought, 'man, I wish I could quit college...' Like, what?! Why would I ever say that? But today, that feeling is so, so real. 

School is hard this semester. My classes are overwhelming and I can't seem to keep up. The best way to describe college is like a train that you are running next too, trying to keep up with. One minute you're chugging along just fine, but then you're eating dust. Then, once you finally catch up, you all of a sudden are all the way at the end, once again. I don't know if that makes sense, but sometimes I wish it would all just stop. I need to take a breather and maybe get a couple more hours of sleep everyone in a while... but college just laughs at me when I think that. This week I am praying for strength to get through it and to be at peace with my grades. I'm thinking about my grades constantly this semester... it's insane. I would love just a couple of minutes where my brain wouldn't think about it... but, cue my silly brain and all of it's worrying.

I'm thankful I got a few days at home this past weekend, where I went to a pumpkin patch 
with my sister. I'm also super thankful for a longhorn win against OU. Hook 'em!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Austin City Limits

Guys. This weekend was so. good. 
A couple months back, I bought a 3 day pass for the Austin City Limits music festival. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but I liked the line up and knew I needed to go at some point as a UT college student. Everyone talked about how much they loved it, but I kinda wondered how great it could actually be. But, let me tell you - it lived up to the hype!

^ Day 1

^ Day 2

^ Day 3
I walked into Zilker Park, trying to take it all in. There are about 7 different stages, all scattered throughout the park. On Day 1, we were front row at Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and then watched a little bit of Disclosure. But Saturday... AHHH. We get to the park and immediately headed to echosmith, then Ryn Weaver (I met her!!!), Misterwives (front row!!!), and then Twenty One Pilots. I was so stinkin' happy. They all put on an amazing show that I didn't want to end! Later, we saw Walk the Moon, Alabama Shakes, and then DRAKE. I really don't know many Drake songs, but I went because like, duh, it's Drake. 

That night, we got home absolutely exhausted and totally sunburned. But, I went to bed smiling anyways. We woke up Sunday morning in desperate need of some energy and coffee, and made our way back to Zilker for the last day! We started off the day with Daughter, then saw BΓΈRNS (they were incredible), Ben Howard, and Of Monsters and Men. Of Monsters and Men is my all time favorite band, so I was in complete heaven. My roommate, Emily, said she felt like she was in a dream when she was watching them, and I couldn't have said it better myself. We ended the day with The Weeknd and lots of crazy dancing.

I basically survived on a lot of Coca Cola, P-Terry's, and quick naps between shows. The days were long, but freaking awesome.

I wish I could rewind time and go back to this weekend whenever I wanted. Seeing all of these amazing musicians made the intense heat and hurting feel so worth it. So, totally worth it. Even though this thing is called Austin City Limits, I really think it has no limits. Now back to reality... applying aloe vera, doing lots of homework and studying. Yay college!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Being an Introvert

^ Here is me jumping for joy on campus. And yeah, I'm an introvert.

I've been an introvert my entire life. Even in my younger years when I was more outgoing, I loved to sit in my room and read or draw or play with my toys, all by myself. And now as I get older, I cherish the alone time that I have. Even if it's just an hour, I basque in that time of quietness and solitude. Growing up, I always felt a little strange about this. I've never liked confrontation and I totally despise small talk. I'd rather sit and read a book at lunch than be forced to sit in a large group and chat. Most of the time, my comments would go unnoticed anyways. When I was a teenager, I felt weird and out of place. I was surrounded by people who were loud and so comfortable in their own skin, when I just wanted to run home and spend time with my family or hang out in my room. Being in college has made that feeling even more prevalent. It seems like everyone loves going downtown or to frat parties. Or they love the football games and tailgates. But, I've never liked any of that stuff. My week is so busy and full, that by Friday night, all I want to do is sleep and spend time alone. I've also always been drawn to other introverts. We have an understanding about each other. I love the people that I can hang out with without necessarily having to talk the entire time. Sometimes it's just nice to sit with someone, while you are both doing your own thing. For a long time, people made me feel like that was so wrong. People would make comments about how I need to go out more or have more fun... but in my head, what I was doing was fun. Going out was stressful and too much for me to handle.

Emily, my roommate (this is her blog), told me about this TED Talk about introverts that she watched in one of her classes. Immediately, I googled it and watched the entire thing. Never have I heard something so true about myself.

We live in a world of extroverts. A world where being an extrovert is right and being an introvert is wrong. But, being an introvert does not make me lesser of a person or less capabale. It does not make me unusual and it does not make me wrong. Why is the social norm to go out and party? Why is it better to be loud than quiet? Why is my personality looked down upon, just because maybe sometimes I'd rather watch a movie on a Saturday night? And working alone on things is sometimes better than working in groups, and that's okay (or maybe that's just because I'm so controlling...sorry!). I've learned to accept my introversion and know that I am me and that I am not changing. No matter what anyone says they think I should be doing, having a cozy night at home or a spending time with a smaller group of friends will always sound better.

Now, just because I'm an introvert doesn't mean I can't be outgoing and enjoy socializing. My family laughs because here I am, an introvert, yet I was captain of my drill team and live in a sorority house with 4 girls in one room. I am introvert in the sense that I need to be alone sometimes, not in the way that I can't have a conversation or hold a leadership role - I have proven that stereotype wrong my entire life. Occasionally, I do like going downtown and getting dressed up. And yeah, sometimes football games can be fun. I don't like getting put into this box of introversion that means you're shy and a little strange, because that box just doesn't exist. 

This video is just so right. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, watch it! The world needs all personalities, introvert or extrovert. The combination of us is what our world thrives on. 

Here is the video: The Power of Introverts

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Weekend Full of Family

Right now, I'm sitting in my PR writing class writing this post (oops). Because instead of talking about grammar and writing tips, I want to talk about my weekend. And hey, I'm writing, so that's all that matters, right?

I finally got to go home for a couple of days this weekend and I was thrilled. I'm pretty sure everyone knows I'm a homebody, so home was perfect in every way. On Thursday night I got home and went straight to get some tex mex and have girl time with my mom, sister, and grandma. The next morning I told myself I was going to sleep in. But of course, I roll over to look at the clock, feeling refreshed like it's maybe 11:00 or noon, and it was 8:25 am. Sleeping in in college, even just till 8:25, is still great - I'll take what I can get. On Friday, I hung out with my grandma (it was her birthday!) and went to a fun family dinner. Afterwards, my sister, dad, and I hit up the Coppell carnival. We got our faces painted and felt all nostalgic about when we went to the carnival as kids. It was so fun getting to be silly again with my family. On Saturday, I made muffins and napped and played with my pups. Later, my dad spoiled my mom, sister, and I with a steak dinner and III Forks. I've never felt so fancy! I could get used to meals like that...

I ended up not coming back till Monday morning. With family time like that, it was hard to leave. Funny story actually... I got up at 5:00 in the morning on Monday to make it back to Austin for my 9:30 class. I made it back and while I'm walking to class, I grabbed a breakfast bar. I'm allergic to sunflower seeds and other random nuts, and just my luck, there were sunflower seeds in the breakfast bar. I sat in stats for only 10 minutes before I had to leave. I prayed the entire walk back to the house that I wouldn't pass out in the middle of campus (that would be the most embarrassing moment of my life) because I kept seeing stars. My mouth and hands were so itchy and my stomach hurt like no other. But, I made it back to my bed, took a benadryl, and slept for a couple of hours. But seriously - just my luck, right? I had to come back for stats (because it is way too difficult to miss) and I ended up missing it anyways... thanks sunflower seeds!

A couple of pictures from the weekend and past few days:

^ I'm so obsessed with my dogs, it's unreal. 

^ Hookin' em after my favorite tex mex at home (ignore my sister)

^ Leaving at 5:00 am for Austin has it's perks, like watching the sunrise and getting donuts (ignore the bird poop on the window)

^ Darah and I are awkward twins! Stripes on stripes on stripes.

^ Love my Clara... and Shake Shack.
^ OKAY, SAMMY. He is a model. Like, where do I find an agent for him? Serious inquiry.

Now I'm looking forward to a weekend full of football, naps, and good food. Oh, and lot's studying. Can't forget that.

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Birthday Reunion

Today, I got to surprise my best friend as an early birthday present for her! I got up early, drove to a&m, and nearly cried when I saw her. It's so hard being away from the people who know you best, so being with her, even if just for a couple hours, is such an absolute blessing. We got some lunch, went to Hobby Lobby (and I bought something of course... it's a dangerous place), and then got our nails done. It was a great, great day.

While we were at lunch, we got to talking about the difference between freshman and sophomore year. And trust me, there is a huge difference. This time last year I was so homesick - physically homesick. But now just a year later, I'm okay. Yeah, I miss home but it's not always in the back of my mind like it used to be. I'm not dying to get in my car and hit I-35 until I make it home. It's a wonderful thing what a year of growth and maturity can do. We also talked about how much more comfortable we feel with our sororities. To say I was overwhelmed with balancing school and greek life would be an understatement. There were times when I wondered if it was even for me. But a year and lots of memories later, I am obsessed with my sisters and my chapter. It's an awesome feeling realizing how comfortable you have become with something. Whether it's greek life or another organization, I've found that giving something time is what can help you to realize it's all worth it. I will never feel instantly at home with something. I need time to adjust. That's exactly what I have done this past year and I am so, so grateful I picked UT as my school and KD as my home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Authentic Faith

I've always struggled with the idea of being an "authentic" Christian. I didn't grow up as a sunday school kid, nor do I know all of the stories in the Bible, but I've always had a faith in me that knows there is a greater love out there. As I got older, I immersed myself in youth ministry, went on mission trips, and decided to get baptized. That was a time in my life when life was at it's brightest. But as I got older, I started to see beneath the veil that had me so intrigued. I realized that many Christians aren't authentic. I know that's probably not the best thing to say, but that's what it felt like.

Have y'all noticed that a lot of Christian's use Christian buzz words? Like "being intentional", "guard your heart", "pursue", or "He put in on my heart". I feel like everyone say's those words, without really understanding what it means. Or have y'all noticed that like, everybody does YoungLife? YoungLife is an awesome organization that does so much good, but sometimes I worry that people do it for the wrong reasons. Not for Christian reasons, but solely because everybody else does it and it looks cool. I've always felt like Christians were in some sort of a club. But even as a Christian myself, I never felt like I fit into that club. You have to be a certain kind of person, wear certain kinds of clothes, or work at a certain kind of summer camp. None of it felt real to me... it all felt like a show. That feeling sucks because all I want to do is have faith, but I question it because of other people.

Being in college, I've been around all sorts of people. People who are playing into that Christian show, people who aren't, and people who are simply Christians, living out their faithful life. I'm not innocent either; I find myself saying things I think people would want to hear as Christians. I say things that are maybe untrue about myself just so I can fit into that group. But, I've also been around people who don't play into that game. Like my roommates - Emily, Clara, and Taylor. I can see their genuine love for the Lord in every act they do. They are careful with their words, patient with life, and strong in prayer and journaling. Living with these three true Christians has shown me that there is much more to faith than being in a missional community or knowing books in the Bible. All of those things are great, but faith. Faith is so much more important than that.

I'm not exactly sure what being an authentic Christian looks like, but I'm working on it. I'm learning, I'm growing, I'm changing, and through all of that, I pray that God will show me. I don't just want to be the girl that went on mission trips, or goes to church on Sundays. I want to be so much more than that - I want to be real. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of Fourteenth Grade

These past few weeks have been insane. Recruitment week kept me busy; I don't think I left the KD house for a week. But, at the end of it all, it was so worth it. Getting our new group of KD babies was so exciting - waiting for the big reveal was such an adrenaline rush. It was by far one of my favorite moments ever as a KD. 

Bid day was great. We waited outside the house for the new pledge class with sparklers and screamed our heads off! Little did they know what they were getting into. The theme of our bid day was glitter (so dang cute), so we decked ourselves out in anything glitter that we could get our hands onto. Later, we went to a drive in movie. I had never been to one before and it was just as adorable as expected. We ate ice cream sandwiches and walked around west campus for a while. I may have even gone to some frat parties. Shocking, I know. The new pledge class is seriously great... I can't wait to see what they do in this chapter. I'm so happy they found their home in KD.

The day after bid day was a day to myself - finally! I went to anthropologie just to get away for a while, but of course I ended up buying a few things... anthro is a dangerous place. Getting a day off in between rush and my first day of class was exactly what I needed. I got about 10 hours of sleep (oops) and woke up for my first class of sophomore year. It was stats. I'm a PR major, so obviously math is not my thing... it will be an interesting semester. Now I'm sitting in my adorable room, drinking some coffee, trying to relax before the real craziness begins. The craziness of school and tests and homework and studying and no sleep.

Waking up for "fourteenth" grade was strange. I only have two more years of school, therefore only two more first days left. I think back to when I was little and was so nervous the night before school, I barely slept. I woke up and put on the outfit I had picked out days before and got my brand new backpack ready. My mom would help me with my hair and make my lunch and off I'd go to another year of school. I still remember the feeling I got walking into school, another grade older. The feeling I had this morning was so different; there were no nerves or really any excitement. It was just another day of college. But, walking under the tower reminded me of the excitement I should be feeling. Here I am walking on the campus of my dreams, heading to a class that some people only dream of going to (by the way, UT is number 37 on the top 100 best universities in the world, ahead of some Ivy Leagues... so proud). I really am lucky.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Going to the Chapel

My cousin got married this past Saturday and my parents were awesome enough to fly me home for the wedding. I was stoked! The day of the wedding was also my last day with John for a while... so it was an important day for me!

We got all dressed up and headed to the beautiful Watermark Church of Dallas and watched the two lovebirds get married. I was crying the whole time... I was ridiculous. He is the first cousin in our family to get married, so it was a special moment. It made me realize that we really are all growing up and our lives are changing. Sometimes I want the clock to stop, but seeing how happy and exciting his future looks made me excited for my own. 

John and I danced the night away, literally. At high school dances, I was still super self conscious and worried about what people would think of me dancing. But last night, John and I didn't care! Dancing with him made me want to have dance parties every night. I think they're good for the soul. It was even better when my family came out and danced with us... there's something about having your dad do the robot that just makes your whole day.

It was such a beautiful day and night and the perfect backdrop for my last few hours with John before our next year of long distance. Saying goodbye to him this morning was tough - cue the tears. And then saying goodbye to wonderful family and puppies at the same time - cue the waterfall.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Dog's 15 Minutes of Fame

I recently was approached by a blog called Coffee with a Canine to answer some questions about my relationship with my dogs. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love my dogs. So of course, I was so excited! I think that the idea for this blog is so cute and creative. Reading through the interviews and getting to know the dogs and their owners is so fun. Dogs really are the best. Go check my post out here!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

I'm baaaaaack! Being in Austin is wonderful and crazy all at the same time. When we first drove in I thought to myself, 'I hate this place'... but that was just the traffic frustration talking. Besides the awful traffic and insane heat, I love this place!

 My parents, John, and I explored Austin a little bit on Saturday. We went to one of my favorite lunch spots and went to the top of Mt. Bonnell. Later, we ate some amazing pizza and saw a comedy show. We walked through 6th street afterwards and I couldn't help but laugh thinking here I was on 6th street with my parents. They are seriously the coolest. 

Moving in to the KD house was quite dramatic... 5 minutes before we were all about to leave to go move me in, I get a text that a pipe burst in the house and that no one can move in. Let's just say I freaked. My mom and dad ended up having to stay two extra nights than they had planned and I'm so thankful that they were so supportive and flexible. They worked so hard to make sure my room was comfortable and perfect - yeah, I have the best parents ever. 

This year, I'm living with three other girls in a room called the Quad Pod. It's complete with bunk beds and 4 desks in a row. Some people say I'm crazy for wanting to live in a room of 4 girls, but I think it'll be an experience that I will remember forever. I'm so happy I found these three (hey Taylor, Emily, and Clara).

^ Thank you mom & dad & John for an awesome weekend. Your love means everything to me!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Love Does

I recently read Love Does by Bob Goff. It's one of the most incredible books - easily now one of my favorites. It's a Christian autobiography about Bob's life. His crazy, fantastic life. Page after page, I was dumbfounded by the life he has lived and the memories he has. After every chapter I would be like, "MOM! You won't believe this."

Reading this book got me thinking about my own life. Most days, I just wish for the next day. I don't enjoy what is right in front of me. I am constantly dreaming about better things ahead. But come on... there are some many beautiful things in my life everyday that I ignore. Like waking up to my dogs licking my face. Or smelling the coffee that my dad is making. Or realizing how lucky I am that I woke up for another day. Another day to conquer the world. 

I also realized that I play it safe way too much. I'm too scared to try anything new. I'm always thinking about how I could get hurt, or get in trouble, or do something wrong. But life isn't about being safe... or about being perfect for that matter. It's about being open to your fears and facing them. It's about trying new things and living a life full of adventure, because that's it - you only get one life.

All I have to say is thanks Bob Goff. And thank you, God!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

El Verano

^ stripes, chambray, and a hat. YES!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I'm not really happy about it. I miss UT and all of it's greatness, but home really is the best, you know? Except when you have loads of online spanish and things to get done. Spanish will be the death of me... But, my grandma's new kitten is getting me through it. I'm a die hard dog person, but this babe has stolen my heart.

^ Hi, Sammy!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dorm Living

It's crazy to think I'm already planning and packing for my next year at college... my sophomore year! I remember how excited I was to start planning for my dorm - I'm just as excited this time around. For someone who loves to plan and design, getting my room all set up will never get old. I thought I'd post some pictures from my freshman year dorm and talk about some of my favorite things about it, along with some tips for girls moving into their first dorm. Next year I'll be living in my sorority house in the "quad pod" (a room with 4 girls and 2 bunks bed... bunk bed living, here I come!), but living in the house is a lot like living in a dorm since you have to utilize all of the space you can get.

For my bed, I wanted a simple, white comforter that would match anything. I got some colorful sheets from PB Teen to make it pop a little bit. But next year, I plan on getting sheets that are much softer... this year's were fun and bright, but I think comfort is more important in college ('cause, like, sleep... come on). Some people spurge on getting a nice comforter and sheets, but I say that's not necessary. I spent so much time on my bed studying, eating, painting my nails, etc., so it's only natural that my comforter gained a few spots. But, because I only spent about $40 on it, I didn't feel as bad about that (and it's easy to get the stains out).

My desk was pretty small, but by using a straw storage box, I was able to make more room for extras, like a picture frame and coffee mug with pens and pencils. Also note the dachshund letter holder on top of the books... I'm obsessed (thanks, Anthropologie!)

Definitely bring tons of pictures. I looooved all of the pictures I had displayed around the room. They were so sweet and fun to look at when I missed home and missed my Johnny boy. Pictures are just the best. I also loved using a coffee mug as a holder for pens and pencils since it made it more fun. 

Like I said, pictures, pictures, pictures! I also brought in some (fake) flowers. One thing I learned is that just because it may look empty, try to not overcrowd your bookshelf when you move in since pretty quickly things will pile up and you'll need the space. The dachshund book ends were a perfect touch since it kept my books upright and played into my dachshund obsession. I also suggest looking at Evelyn Henson prints for dorm rooms... they are simple yet so lively!

Ask me what my favorite thing about my dorm room was and I'd say the window frame. I don't know why, but I think it's awesome. I found it in Canton, Texas at a flea market. I got it for such a bargain and I think that it really adds character to the room. And of course, I love anything vintage and shabby chic. It will definitely be making it's way to room next year, one way or another. I loved the arrangement of all the pieces on my wall. I wanted a lot on the wall to make the room look larger and not feel as empty. We did have to nail a few holes in the walls (whoops...) but doing it was worth the small repair charge because it made my dorm feel so much homier. 

Another tip for having an awesome room? Having an awesome roomie. I made a life long friend by having Emily as my roommate! It's so weird that we weren't super close in high school, but now, I can't imagine my college life without her! Thanks Em :)

Dorm life is definitely an experience worth having. Yes, it's tight and cramped and sometimes you wish you were at home in your own, cozy bed, but getting to live in a dorm is something I will talk about till I'm old and grey.  It's such a cool feeling getting to move into a room of your own... a room where you'll experience your first taste of college. Room 306 held some of the best and funniest times of my life.