Saturday, July 18, 2015

El Verano

^ stripes, chambray, and a hat. YES!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I'm not really happy about it. I miss UT and all of it's greatness, but home really is the best, you know? Except when you have loads of online spanish and things to get done. Spanish will be the death of me... But, my grandma's new kitten is getting me through it. I'm a die hard dog person, but this babe has stolen my heart.

^ Hi, Sammy!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dorm Living

It's crazy to think I'm already planning and packing for my next year at college... my sophomore year! I remember how excited I was to start planning for my dorm - I'm just as excited this time around. For someone who loves to plan and design, getting my room all set up will never get old. I thought I'd post some pictures from my freshman year dorm and talk about some of my favorite things about it, along with some tips for girls moving into their first dorm. Next year I'll be living in my sorority house in the "quad pod" (a room with 4 girls and 2 bunks bed... bunk bed living, here I come!), but living in the house is a lot like living in a dorm since you have to utilize all of the space you can get.

For my bed, I wanted a simple, white comforter that would match anything. I got some colorful sheets from PB Teen to make it pop a little bit. But next year, I plan on getting sheets that are much softer... this year's were fun and bright, but I think comfort is more important in college ('cause, like, sleep... come on). Some people spurge on getting a nice comforter and sheets, but I say that's not necessary. I spent so much time on my bed studying, eating, painting my nails, etc., so it's only natural that my comforter gained a few spots. But, because I only spent about $40 on it, I didn't feel as bad about that (and it's easy to get the stains out).

My desk was pretty small, but by using a straw storage box, I was able to make more room for extras, like a picture frame and coffee mug with pens and pencils. Also note the dachshund letter holder on top of the books... I'm obsessed (thanks, Anthropologie!)

Definitely bring tons of pictures. I looooved all of the pictures I had displayed around the room. They were so sweet and fun to look at when I missed home and missed my Johnny boy. Pictures are just the best. I also loved using a coffee mug as a holder for pens and pencils since it made it more fun. 

Like I said, pictures, pictures, pictures! I also brought in some (fake) flowers. One thing I learned is that just because it may look empty, try to not overcrowd your bookshelf when you move in since pretty quickly things will pile up and you'll need the space. The dachshund book ends were a perfect touch since it kept my books upright and played into my dachshund obsession. I also suggest looking at Evelyn Henson prints for dorm rooms... they are simple yet so lively!

Ask me what my favorite thing about my dorm room was and I'd say the window frame. I don't know why, but I think it's awesome. I found it in Canton, Texas at a flea market. I got it for such a bargain and I think that it really adds character to the room. And of course, I love anything vintage and shabby chic. It will definitely be making it's way to room next year, one way or another. I loved the arrangement of all the pieces on my wall. I wanted a lot on the wall to make the room look larger and not feel as empty. We did have to nail a few holes in the walls (whoops...) but doing it was worth the small repair charge because it made my dorm feel so much homier. 

Another tip for having an awesome room? Having an awesome roomie. I made a life long friend by having Emily as my roommate! It's so weird that we weren't super close in high school, but now, I can't imagine my college life without her! Thanks Em :)

Dorm life is definitely an experience worth having. Yes, it's tight and cramped and sometimes you wish you were at home in your own, cozy bed, but getting to live in a dorm is something I will talk about till I'm old and grey.  It's such a cool feeling getting to move into a room of your own... a room where you'll experience your first taste of college. Room 306 held some of the best and funniest times of my life.

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Little Less Wise

Yesterday, I got my wisdom teeth out. Besides the fact that I'm not feeling too hot, the videos of me after the surgery are cracking me up (but it hurts to laugh). Here's just a little video of the many I recorded after, but are too embarrassing to share. I seriously don't remember a thing. But for the record, getting your wisdom teeth out sucks. I didn't realize it would be this bad... I thought the IV injection would be the worst part. But here I am, drinking milkshakes like they're water, wanting a burger, with cheeks like a chipmunk. Wish me luck the next few days...