Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sweet & Salty

Life is all about those sweet and salty moments. The ones that absolutely rock and the ones that well... not so much. I've learned to savor those sweet times and gain experience from the salty ones. Both times are good for the soul, but the sweet ones taste just a little bit better. :)

Happy hump day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yale & NYC: A Video

I went into the weekend wanting enough film to make a video when I left. But, cue the insane cold and my fingers being frozen. So obviously, I didn't film much. But, I did have enough videos to put together a few of my favorite little clips from the weekend. 

Song: At Home - Crystal Fighters

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Bulldog for the Weekend

Where do I even begin with this past weekend…  I’m currently writing in an airport terminal waiting for my flight home. I’m writing about it now because this trip was so perfect, I want to remember it all. I’m lucky enough to have awesome parents who flew me up to New Haven, CT to visit my Johnny boy. Flying into CT on Thursday was breathtaking… it’s cheesy, I know, but looking down at all of the snow was crazy beautiful. I was nervous on my way there – I wasn’t sure how the trip would go. Would I like Yale? Would I fit into John’s new world? But as soon as I got there, everything was so normal. I saw him walking towards me as I got out of the airport car and was so so so happy, even after I noticed the new lumberjack beard on his face. That night I met his friends, saw his dorm, and ate at a classic campus restaurant.

On Friday, John walked me around campus after his Italian test (poor guy). The campus is picture perfect, with snow on the ground and buildings that look straight out of Harry Potter. It made me realize how truly lucky he is to go to such a beautiful school. All I could say was, “Wait, let me get a picture of this!” When we came back to warm up in his dorm (it was like, 12 degrees and snowing), John gave me my Valentine’s Day surprise… two tickets to Grand Central Station. He had been super secretive about what he had planned and the last thing I expected was to go to New York City. But, like the perfect boy he is, he remembered how much I loved New York and wanted to go there with him. It was the most thoughtful gift.

^ a ticket to NYC!

The next morning, we boarded a train then got off in the middle of NYC. We did all of the classic, touristy things – Times Square (twice), Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and the Museum of Natural History. We even got lost on the subway. Is a trip to New York complete without totally getting on the wrong subway? We ate hot dogs from a cart, some New York pizza, and of course Dunkin’ Donuts. By midafternoon, it started to snow. It was such a picture perfect image, like in the movies. We were walking in Central Park and snow was falling. Besides the fact that I was freezing, feeling like my hands were going to fall off, and complaining a lot (sorry, John), it was amazing. John made reservations at a fancy little place on Park Avenue and we ate and talked about the perfect day we had just had. We were sad and hesitant to get on the train home, but Yale was calling.

^ John in comic book heaven.

 John took in New York like a champ. I like to tell myself I’d do well in a city, but had I not been with John, I definitely would’ve gotten lost. He knew where to go and how to get there every step of the way.

John and I attempted to build several snowmen, which just resulted in snowball flights. As a girl from Texas who is very used to Texas weather, the snowball fight was embarrassingly fun. I’m so glad he was up for everything I asked.

Leaving was hard. As usual. Of course, I cried. John made this trip so special and so perfect. These next three and half years will be all about countdowns - countdowns till the day I get to see him and counting the days we get together. But, John and I got a teeny, little snow globes in NYC. He has one on his desk and I am going to put one on mine. Whenever we shake it, we’ll remember one of the best trips we’ve ever had and think about each other. Thanks John for an amazing weekend – I love you so!