Sunday, December 27, 2015


Christmas was beautiful, as usual. I've been in a bit of a slump these past two days and I think it has something to do with Christmas being over.

John got home the day before Christmas Eve so it was a tad difficult to get him into the spirit of things. But I consider myself a Christmas elf, so I think I cheered him up! On Christmas Eve morning  we got breakfast and exchanged presents. I spent that night with my family playing games and ringing in Christmas day.

I was spoiled on Christmas and was reminded just how awesome my family is. We made a Mexican style Christmas lunch and then I had ravioli at John's house later that night. It's family tradition that I fully support because their ravioli is to die for. John broke the record of most ravioli pieces eaten (which was 46) at 47 pieces.

Besides Christmas, my life has pretty much been a lot of hanging out, spanish (a wintermester of an online spanish class) and playing spades with my family. My dad just taught me how to play and I think I'm addicted... even though I'm horrible at it!

I'm giving myself a nice break until after New Year's, but after that, I need to get planning for the next semester. This next semester will be crazy, I have a feeling. But isn't it always crazy with me? Anyways, this break has been exactly what I needed. Lots of sleep and good food and cuddles. 

^ Isn't my dog the cutest. She's actually yawning... I guess her bone wasn't entertaining.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Reflecting Over Coffee

^ I'm currently at a cute, little coffee shop, studying for my two finals. Wish me luck!

The fall semester of my sophomore year is almost over. How did that happen? I still remember moving into my freshman dorm, so nervous for the years that lay ahead of me. I didn't even know where my classes were, let alone where life would lead me. This semester has been so different... I can't believe how much I have grown. 

So much has happened since I've been here. I have been given so much, sometimes I can't believe it. My roommate Clara always manages to remind me of that. She said something so true the other day. She said that we are living in the time we always talked about. Like, in high school, I would dream of college and where I would be. I would talk to my family about the time when I would finally be at UT (I hoped). And here I am, living in that time. Truly living in it. Last year, I was just trying to survive college and look like I knew what I was doing. Now, a year later, classes are going alright, I'm serving on Kappa Delta exec and my friends and sisters are incredible. I feel confident in who I am and who I am becoming. I can't believe how lucky I am.

This semester has been really hard, school wise, though. I've somehow made it to the end (two finals to go!!!) and am almost halfway done with my time here at UT. Time is going fast. College has been so good to me. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Reminder

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't felt inspire lately. I guess I have plenty of others thing that are on my mind so blogging just isn't a priority. But today, I got this. And it made me happy. And it reminded me that I love this little blog of mine and that I need to pay more attention to it. 

Thanksgiving was really good. Short, but really, really good. As usual, seeing my family and my dogs and JOHN was the best. I came back to school five pounds heavier but much happier. I'm in the midst of finals now and am so ready for Christmas break. I like to think of myself as a Christmas elf because I freakin' love this time of year and let everyone within ten feet of me know it. My room is decked out, gifts are wrapped and my heart is full. One week till home!!!! Also, John and I's 4 year anniversary is tomorrow. 4 years?! What?! Sometimes I feel like these 4 years flew by and other times I feel like John and I have been together for waaaaay more than 4 years... maybe 40. I don't know, but either way I love that boy and am so excited for our next year. We won't be physically together celebrating, of course, but I'm sending him love from almost 2,000 miles away. But now, it's back to studying. Thanks for the study break, blog.