Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm feeling 22!

Long time, no talk, huh? It's been a long time (a really long time) since I last wrote here. I hate when I go too long without blogging - this is such a good outlet to write, I just wish I had more time!

John's birthday and my birthday last week call for a blog post. Honestly, it was one of my favorite weeks ever. John came to Austin to celebrate with his brother and I! It came right after my spring break, so I basically had a two week spring break... :) 

When we got to Austin on Monday, I took John to class with me - he sat in the library near my classroom. It was so nice being able to walk on campus with him. I often think about what it would be like to have my boyfriend with me here, just walking to class or doing other normal things together. We rarely get to do that, since our time together is usually cut short. I loved just being a normal college student walking with my boyfriend... I don't know if that makes any sense, but for a second, it didn't feel like we were doing long distance!

The next day was Johnny boy's TWENTY FIRST birthday!! I was determined to make it a good day for him! We started the day with a walk around Town Lake and a visit to Homeslice Pizza, one of John's faves (and mine too!). John ordered his first beer of the day there! We got to sit, eat pizza, and split a beer. Being 21 is fun!

Later that afternoon, we made a liquor store trip... hahah, but we needed some supplies for the night ahead! Then we met up with Andrew and laid by pool for a couple hours. I felt so relaxed, laying out and drinking margaritas from a can. It was a summer teaser, that's for sure! 

We went to dinner later that night with some sweet friends of mine. I love love love when I get to introduce my friends to John - he is such an important part of my life. If you know me, you should know John, too. They loved him, of course! John and I ordered a pitcher of margarita and somehow we drank it all... we were feeling good!

We then made it downtown for the classic 6th street night. It was his 21st birthday, so we had too! We went from bar to bar, getting free drinks for John's birthday! We were seriously having so much fun! John and I have never been out like that together, so it was hilarious drinking together and so, so special.

^ A Photo Booth strip from 6th street, haha!
The next day, I was 22 - my favorite number! My golden birthday! Mine and John's birthdays are only a day apart, but I am 364 days older than him... so we got to be the same age for a day, at least. We went and got a yummy breakfast and then went to a favorite store of mine for a birthday gift! Then, we laid by the pool again and chilled. It was a super laid back birthday, just how I wanted it! That night we went to one of my new favorite restaurants with his brother and a couple of really good friends. It was a sausage and beer place (perfect for John) and had such a cool vibe. It had so many types of beer, I had no idea what to order. I am not a beer drinker, so I asked the waitress for something that I would actually like. She brought me the best beer I've ever had - I told her I liked margaritas, so she brought me a sweet beer that I absolutely loved! I have feeling the next time John is in town, we'll be visiting this place again. We ended the night with some Amy's ice cream, because why not?

The day John left Austin, I was a wreck. I don't know why, but I was already crying by 10:00 a.m. Saying goodbye to him is the absolute worst - my stomach drops just thinking about it. We went to Homeslice (again) and made one last dessert trip for bananarchy, another one of our favorites. Spending all day with him for three days was perfect. I felt so spoiled getting John all to myself! He is my best friend and one of my favorite people... I wish I could have him with me all the time! Till May, Johnny boy!

I am so, so thankful for all the birthday wishes and love. My friends made me feel so special, with their hugs, texts, gifts, cards and flowers. I truly am surrounded by some of the most caring people. Thank you Kappa Delta for putting them in my life! Here's to 22!!!


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