Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas on the Beach (just kidding - kind of)

^ Matching with my favorite girlies!

If you know me at all, you know that Christmas is my jam. I wait all year long for this special time and when it's here, it goes by waaaay too fast! I started listening to Christmas music in November and even that isn't long enough to enjoy it. I think I may have been a North Pole elf in a past life. 

^ Walking in a weiner wonderland!

On Christmas Eve morning, John and I stuck with our tradition of going to Local Diner for breakfast. After some chocolate chip pancakes and a lot of coffee, I went home to finish up some wrapping. The weather here has been so warm and it was about 75 degrees on Christmas Eve (don't even get me started on the 80 degree Christmas Day weather...) so it didn't feel like Christmas at all! I tried to get into the spirit, but it proved to be really difficult! When your wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas Eve, it's hard to feel very festive. John joked that we were spending Christmas on the beach... we might as well have!

For the first time, John got to tag along to my family's Christmas Eve. After 6 Christmases together, I'm so glad he finally got to come! I love getting to share him with my family. We played some games and exchanged white elephant presents, which was hilarious, per usual. We ate a lot of mexican food too, so that's always a plus!

Christmas morning consisted of opening presents, eating brunch and then taking a nap. As I get older, it feels less and less like Christmas every year. But, Christmas time is magical and it always will be.

^ My sweet, pooped puppies on Christmas morning.

^ Merry Christmas from John and I!

^ And just for funsies, here's a pic of the flowers John sent me for our 5 year (5 years?!) anniversary! He knows I love Christmas and sent me a Christmas bouquet he said! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful Thoughts

^ It's always hard taking pictures with him... at least he's cute?

Every year around this time I realize how much I have to thankful for. It's an infinite list of wonderful things that makes me believe I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I am surrounded by the most loving and supportive family, loved by a kind and patient boy, a student at the greatest university in the world and cherished by sweet friends just to name a few. 

As thankful as I am for the incredible gifts in my life, I'm also thankful for the lessons I've learned. I'm learning to be more patient, understanding and forgiving. I'm learning to work hard for myself. I'm learning how to be a good friend and daughter. I'm learning so much every single day. 

Something about winter makes me so jittery and excited - I can't help but do a happy dance when I think about this time of year. Something about the cold and twinkly lights and memories truly makes it the happiest time of the year. I have a lot to be thankful for - the season being one of them.

This year's Thanksgiving was casual and comfortable. Just a few members of my family got together for some good food and conversation. Later that night, we decorated our tree and watched a movie (Bad Moms... raunchy, but hilarious to say the least). I ate a lot of pumpkin pie leftovers which is never a bad thing. Then today, my grandma put together another Thanksgiving for us! I will never argue against two Thanksgiving dinners!

Yesterday, John and I had a day to ourselves which was much needed! We cooked dinner and watched Gilmore Girls. Not to spoil anything, but I'm actually really upset about the way Gilmore Girls ended. After being an avid fan for years, it was not the ending I wanted... I'm obviously really passionate about Gilmore Girls - maybe a little too much?

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! It truly is the best time of the year. Go eat a candy cane, listen to some Christmas music and hug your loved ones!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pretending I Go to Yale

This weekend has been a dream. I got see my boy up at Yale!

I left early Friday morning (hello 3:30 am wake up call…) and watched him play football on Friday night. When I got to Yale, he came around the corner of Phelps Gate and my stomach was flip flopping! I was so stinkin’ excited to see him, you have no idea! I squeezed him so tight!

Saturday was spent with his family running around New Haven. We went apple picking which was definitely a first! I’ve never even seen an apple tree before. We walked around, picking apples off of trees, tasting them and then taking some home.  Even when it started raining, I was still grinning. It was such a north eastern fall thing to do… I loved it.

Later that night, we went to Pepe’s Pizza which is one of the best pizza places in the country. Google it – it’s seriously in every article about the best pizza places in America! Now I can scratch that off of my bucket list! It was a bit of a wait, but so worth it. I’ve never been so stuffed before. New Haven pizza is unreal! I dream of Yorkside pizza back home.

Today, John had practice, so I was left to explore Yale by myself. I love getting out on my own and walking around, exploring at my own pace. I stopped and got coffee, wandered in and out of stores and took a ton of pictures on campus (I’m such a tourist). I was even able to study for a bit in a library that looked like Hogwarts. I tried my best to blend in… I think people were catching onto me though as I had no idea where I was going and kept taking pictures of every building I walked by.

^ This was my view as I was studying in the library. UT, you're pretty and all, but...

Embarrassing story time: I locked myself out of John’s room at one point… without my phone, wallet or anything. I dropped my things off while he was in practice and left to go to the bathroom quickly. As soon as the door shut I realized what I had just done and may have said a curse word or two. I ended up knocking on doors, crying, begging people to let me borrow their phones. I finally got ahold of security and they told me there was nothing they could do for me since he had to be the one to contact them. I started crying since I had no way of reaching him. He wouldn’t even be able to get into the building, since he didn’t have his keys (they were in his locked room) or his wallet (it was in his locked room, in my purse).  After an hour of waiting and begging, security finally caved and came to help. Things never go smoothly when I’m around, but all is well now!   

Tonight, John and I are going out for one last date before I leave tomorrow morning! This trip has been nothing short of perfect (besides getting locked out, obviously). I’ve been relishing in the fall weather and have loved getting to wear some sweaters. And of course, being with John has been amazing. I miss him so much while we’re apart. Every time we get back together, I’m reminded of how much I love him. He really is the best.

Now it’s back to UT! As much as I love Yale, UT is my place. But, as long as John is at Yale, it will always hold a piece (a big piece) of my heart.

Monday, October 3, 2016


I think we all have experienced that little thing called FOMO (fear of missing out). This new buzzword is the perfect way to explain the feeling of missing out (anyone else look at people's snapchat stories and get sad you aren't there?) To combat FOMO, Eventbrite, a ticket and event website to help you discover great events and create and sell your own tickets, has coined a great new term: GOMO (going out more often). So forget FOMO, here are just a few ways we can GOMO!

Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork, coffee is the best pick me up. Treating myself to a latte always makes my day a little brighter. Living in a sorority house, I'm surrounded by people who are always doing fun, cool things. I hate being stuck in my room doing homework when I see other people having fun, so getting out and studying in a coffee shop makes me feel a little less lame!

It's fall, y'all!!! This weekend my roommate and I had to get out of the house and away from studying for a while. Everyone was at a music festival in Austin this weekend while we were stuck catching up on school stuff. Because we were feeling some major FOMO, we hopped in my car and drove to the cutest little pumpkin patch. Now our room is stocked with pumpkins on literally every shelf. 

This past week I saw The Lumineers and B├śRNS. Y'ALL. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. When we got there, I was disappointed we were so far away from the stage. But, they totally made up for it. No matter what seat you were in, people were immersed in it. The Lumineers even came back to the lawn for part of the show - we were literally 10 feet from them. It was insane. One of the best concerts I've ever been to (but I say that about literally every concert...) This was the perfect way to get out and relax. The weather was perfect, the music was killer, and I loved getting away from campus for a while. It was just the type of going out that I needed. 

Now that the weather is cooling down (to 85 degrees instead of 100... but hey, I'll take it) I'm going to use this time to get rid of my FOMO. Let's all come together and make GOMO a thing - whether it be just getting out to grab a cup of coffee or going to a pumpkin patch, get out and have fun. Isn't that what life is all about?

Thank you Eventbrite!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Just Keep Walking

I do a lot of walking. Being a college student, that's just a given. Lately, walking has been more to me than just getting from here to there, from point A to point B. It's now a reminder to keep walking. Even when things are crazy busy, or you're homesick, or tired or not really sure how you'll get everything done and done well - keep walking. Walking gets you places. Stopping doesn't. 

That's what I'm doing with life. Walking. Walking through it and enjoying every single step. Things don't stop for me, I have to keep up with them. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

July & August

^ My sweet baby Riley!!

Goodness, it's been WAY too long since I sat down to blog. I miss writing! This past month has just been all sorts of crazy, I never got around to blogging. 

The end of the July proved to be super emotional for me. My amazing grandfather passed away. My gran, mom, sister and I were all there holding his hand. It was such a peaceful yet heartbreaking moment. I can't help but think about him everyday. He was absolutely incredible and I know that I was the luckiest granddaughter in the world to be his. 

I also went to the ER. I'm fine, everything's fine, I just had a really bad reaction to sunflower seeds. I'm allergic to them, but this one was especially bad. I won't go into the gory details, but I was alone in my car and ended up calling 911. I now have epipens so if that ever happens again, I give you permission to stab me with one!

^ My sweet boyfriend at the ER with me.. I love him so!

Also, just for the fun of it, here are some pics of me playing pokemon go with John. Yes, you read that correctly. I honestly think these are really funny... the only reason I tag along with him to play is so I can get pictures with the pokemon. Pokemon hunting honestly took up a big part of July for me.

At the beginning of August, I left to go back to school. I said my goodbyes and cried a lot, of course, but time here has been moving pretty quickly. I've already been here for over two weeks, which I don't feel like I have been at all. That's all thanks to the crazy thing that is sorority recruitment. I can't even explain how it works, you just have to be a part of it to understand it. But, I lost my voice, went to bed at literally 7:00 pm one night and met a lot of amazing girls if that tells you anything. There was one night in particular, after pref night, that I looked around at my sorority and felt pure joy. I know that is so cheesy, but we had all worked so hard that week and there we were at the end of it, dancing and taking pictures and grinning from ear to ear. I was so happy to be with my sisters and to celebrate with them. I am a part of a seriously life changing chapter. KD has grown so much and I have grown so much because of KD. I am infinitely proud of the chapter I am a member of and can't wait to see what KD has in store for me next. 

^ Three generations of quad pod living!!!

^ Quad pod forever

^ My sweet Anna!

Bid day was fun, let me tell you. Our new members ran home and lots of hugs and happy tears were had. It's so cool to see all these strangers run home to us, because pretty soon, they won't be strangers. They'll be my new best friends, our next KD council and one of them will be my grand little (!!!). That night we took lots of pictures, wore a lot of green and glitter and went out to celebrate. 

Right now, I'm sitting in my bed, drinking some coffee and mentally preparing myself for the craziness that is about to start. My first class today is at noon, and from there, there is no going back. I know that's super dramatic, but seriously, once class starts, it's tests and papers and reading and stress from there! But, I'm excited for it. I only have two years of school left which actually makes me sad. Learning and going to class has been such a fun part of my life, that it makes me sad to lose it one day. So here's to enjoying my last two years as a student before the real world takes over and I have to be an adult... scary. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I'm not even sure what to say in this post. I have so many words and so many feelings about our world today, but am not sure where to begin. I try and refrain from commenting on things I don't know much about. There are a lot of people that like to talk about things that they know nothing about in this world today. I struggle seeing that as I scroll through my newsfeed. I tend to just unfriend these people, attempting to shield myself from their words. 

I'm not sure where I fall on the scale when it comes to politics. I guess I lean a little more to one side, but I still think I fall into both parties. But, I do know that I am scared to admit which side I lean towards. I feel that if I were to be honest with my true feelings, I would be generalized as a type of person I most certainly am not. I think today we look at people as their stereotype. Whether that be the stereotype of their skin, the color of their hair, or where they go to school. People are grouped together as one type of person, when we are all distinct individuals. I have experienced that first hand as a white, blonde girl from a privileged town. People tend to not take my opinions seriously as they think my opinions are not my own, but that I learned them from my parents. I hesitate to comment on things and join in group discussions as I am afraid of being looked at superficially or stereotyped.

No one is free from prejudice. I hate that about our world. I grew up comfortable in my skin and comfortable around others, regardless of what they looked like or who they were. It kills me that as I get older, that is starting to shift. I see the prejudice people have towards others and even towards me. None of us are immune from it. And as much as we hate to admit, none of us are immune from stereotyping other people ourselves. What we must do is not respond with anger and violence, but with communication and understanding. 

I have lived in Dallas my entire life. I was born here and I will probably live my last days here. With so much violence in the world, and now in our own country, I had wondered out loud to my parent's just a few a weeks before last week's attacks, 'when is it going to be Dallas?' I knew that it would soon be our turn to face the violence - it was only a matter of time. Last Thursday, my prediction came true as I watched the horrific news live with my parents. 

I don't know what to say or do from here, but I know one thing. All lives matter. Black and blue. White. Pink. Purple. Red. Who cares. Lives are so precious and so short, why take them away senselessly? 

As I leave for another year of college in just under a month, I can't help but be fearful of what is to come. I'm scared something will happen in Austin. But, I will go back to school and love everyone around me. I will be accepting and understanding. I will remember that all lives matter. 

Sorry if this post was just a random mess of words to you - to be honest, it's a reflection of what's going on in my mind. Not much clarity, just a lot of confusion. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mind Musings

^ John and I went to a fun country concert a couple weeks ago. It was nice getting out and doing something besides being the couch potatoes we usually are ;)

1. Lately, I've been trying to eat much better than I usually do. During the school year, my diet consisted of carbs in the morning (bagels or biscuits or waffles, etc.), carbs for lunch (hello sandwich and chips!), and carbs for dinner. I'm lucky to have a quick metabolism, but I've been noticing all of those carbs catching up to me. So, I've been more conscious lately of what I've been putting into my body. Let me tell you - it's a struggle. Scrambled egg whites just don't have the same effect of pancakes. And syrup. And bacon.

2. Last week, I ran over a squirrel. It was one of the worst moments of my life (I'm so dramatic, I know). It happened literally 2 minutes into my drive to Dallas for work and I bawled basically the entire car ride. So now, I don't drive without looking for squirrels at all times. I know it was just a squirrel, but still. It was traumatizing. I will never understand people who purposely swerve to run over squirrels like it's game or something... high school boys, I'm looking at you.

3. I want to travel so badly!!! I have the travel bug again. Next summer, I want to go to NYC to intern. Fingers crossed that happens. It sounds incredible to be a New Yorker for a summer. I'm also dying to go to Europe again! On my list? Amsterdam, Barcelona and anywhere in Italy.

4. My summer is halfway over. What?! How did that happen? I just got back home! But, part of me is ready to go back to school. I thrive on being busy and having a routine. But, I know as soon as I get there I'll wish it was summer all over again. Cue my indecisiveness.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sweet Summer

^ I've been getting to explore Dallas this summer and it's been so great! Makes me want to get out of my little suburban bubble more often! 

Summer is in full swing here, but summer is looking a tad different as I'm getting older. With an internship this summer, summer doesn't mean laying around around on the couch, with a day full of netflix watching anymore. Summer means getting in my car and driving to work! But I'm not complaining - I'm loving my internship! I'm learning and seeing a lot and it couldn't be better. 

Lately, I've been hanging with John and my family. What's new? It was storming for like, a straight week here in Dallas so I'm enjoying the sunny weather with lots of dog walks. 

^ So my flower obsession has hit a whole new level thanks to my internship... I'm ready to grow my own garden so I have flowers all of the time!!! Peonies, hydrangeas... all of the above!

^ I'm loving being home with my guy. Two more years of college and we'll be home together for good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


^ Excuse the language... I don't usually cuss, but I thought this wallpaper was very encouraging ;) With an internship, online classes, and plenty of KD stuff to plan, I have a lot to get done this summer!

It's so weird to say that next year I will be in my third year of college. Like... what?! When did that happen? I feel like I just started my freshman year and then sophomore year went by in a complete blur. I'm starting to get this panicky feeling as the years go by and graduation begins to loom. It's the same feeling I get when it's Christmas season. I probably seem crazy, but I have nightmares about me forgetting it's Christmas and panicking because I didn't celebrate correctly. Like I didn't decorate sugar cookies or go look at lights or drink hot chocolate and ice skate... the dream always starts with me waking up on Christmas morning completely freaking out because I just forgot. That's the feeling I have right now with college... am I doing everything I need to be doing? I am getting the whole experience? Am I missing out on anything? If these next two years are anything like the first two, it will go by in a flash. 

Today, I started my very first internship with a wedding and event planning company called Hitched Events. I'm so excited to be here all summer - I just hope I know what I'm doing. Sometimes I still feel like a kid, not really ever knowing what to do. I feel like I'm just pretending to be an adult, hence the title of my post. But, with two years of a PR degree under my belt, I can't wait to put what I've learned to use. As long as I can remember what I've learned... 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Reflection on Austin

I'm almost halfway done with my college career, thus I've lived in Austin for almost two years. I have a love/hate relationship with this city. Mostly love, occasionally hate. 

One thing to love about Austin is that it is never boring. Sometimes when school is slow (though that doesn't happen often) I sit around thinking I'm bored. But then I think I'm crazy - I live in one of the most exciting places in the country, in the world maybe, so I should never be bored here. I can go outside and explore, go try food I wouldn't normally eat, shop and look around the eclectic stores, and of course, eat a lot of dessert. Austin is constantly moving from on thing to the next. There is always another festival, another show, another concert. There's no time to be bored.

^ Feeling on top of the world at Mt. Bonnell

^ Jacoby's Restaurant and Mercantile

The food in Austin is nothing short of incredible. Whether you want Mexican food or brunch, you will not be disappointed. Whenever I go home to Dallas for summer, I can't help but miss my favorite restaurants back in Austin (I'm looking at you, Homeslice). Shockingly, I haven't gained much weight since I've moved to Austin, thanks in part to all of the walking around campus. I constantly apologize to my family for the money I spend on food - forget clothes and shoes, food is the thing burning a hole in my pocket. The stories behind several of Austin restaurant's are almost as good as the food. 

One thing is for sure about Austin: It is a weird, weird place. People continue to "Keep Austin Weird" every single day. My world has grown immensely since moving here. Back home in my bubble of the town I grew up in, I felt safe and comfortable. Here in Austin, I may often feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little scared, but I have learned about other people and ways of life. It is a good kind of scared and lack of comfort that I feel. I will forever be thankful for all of the weird things I have witnessed in this city. It has shown me there is a world beyond the home I grew up in and people experiencing many different walks of life. I strongly believe everyone needs to move away from home to a place much different than the place they grew up in and experience life there. Though Austin may only be 350 miles from Dallas, it is much, much different - a different I know now I desperately needed. 

One of the biggest downsides of Austin is the traffic. It. is. horrible. If you have to drive somewhere 10 minutes away, you better leave at least half an hour earlier than planned if you'd like to be there even remotely on time. But if that's the only downside to Austin, I guess I can sit in traffic a little bit longer. 

The only other thing wrong with Austin? It's not where my family is. I miss my family and dogs every single day, and to be honest, I think about driving home quite often. As amazing as Austin is, it will never fill the hole that is my family.

I always loved playing outside when I was younger, but as I got older, I couldn't care less about spending time outside. But when I came to school here, I realized pretty quickly how wonderful being outdoors is in Austin. I often sit inside doing homework or relaxing and feel guilty that I'm wasting such a beautiful day away. I try and get out as much as possible, even if that means just putting a blanket on the front lawn and read a book. The trees and water and green grass and trails are meant to be enjoyed - I hope I spend much more time outside during my last two years of college. 

Austin is an incredible, beautiful place. As much as I'd like to say I came to UT because it is an amazing school, I wanted to go to UT so I could live in Austin. Here I am, two years in Austin, and I am so glad I picked this place to be my second home. Austin, keep on being weird. Weird is good.