Monday, October 3, 2016


I think we all have experienced that little thing called FOMO (fear of missing out). This new buzzword is the perfect way to explain the feeling of missing out (anyone else look at people's snapchat stories and get sad you aren't there?) To combat FOMO, Eventbrite, a ticket and event website to help you discover great events and create and sell your own tickets, has coined a great new term: GOMO (going out more often). So forget FOMO, here are just a few ways we can GOMO!

Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork, coffee is the best pick me up. Treating myself to a latte always makes my day a little brighter. Living in a sorority house, I'm surrounded by people who are always doing fun, cool things. I hate being stuck in my room doing homework when I see other people having fun, so getting out and studying in a coffee shop makes me feel a little less lame!

It's fall, y'all!!! This weekend my roommate and I had to get out of the house and away from studying for a while. Everyone was at a music festival in Austin this weekend while we were stuck catching up on school stuff. Because we were feeling some major FOMO, we hopped in my car and drove to the cutest little pumpkin patch. Now our room is stocked with pumpkins on literally every shelf. 

This past week I saw The Lumineers and B├śRNS. Y'ALL. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. When we got there, I was disappointed we were so far away from the stage. But, they totally made up for it. No matter what seat you were in, people were immersed in it. The Lumineers even came back to the lawn for part of the show - we were literally 10 feet from them. It was insane. One of the best concerts I've ever been to (but I say that about literally every concert...) This was the perfect way to get out and relax. The weather was perfect, the music was killer, and I loved getting away from campus for a while. It was just the type of going out that I needed. 

Now that the weather is cooling down (to 85 degrees instead of 100... but hey, I'll take it) I'm going to use this time to get rid of my FOMO. Let's all come together and make GOMO a thing - whether it be just getting out to grab a cup of coffee or going to a pumpkin patch, get out and have fun. Isn't that what life is all about?

Thank you Eventbrite!


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