Monday, September 29, 2014


^ Mt. Bonnell, you make Austin look reeeeal beautiful

Today, I may or may not have skipped a college class. For the first time, ever (it was an accident, I promise...). So now, my stress level is even higher. Is that even possible? This week will be pretty crazy, with two tests and meetings that seem to be taking up all of my time. But, hey that's okay. Being busy is fun. Sometimes. Right now I'm sitting in the 24 hour quiet study room of SRD (supposed to be studying) and drinking some coffee. It's national coffee day, wahoo!

Last week was pretty great. I got my sorority big (YAY!) and am so so so happy! I'm starting to feel like a real member of Kappa Delta and I can't wait to be initiated. I may not enjoy the party scene or the craziness that can ensue when in greek life, but I truly love KD. Sorority life is the life for me!

I went home for the weekend and totally surprised my parents. My roommate and I hopped in the car on Friday, told nobody, and came home! When I walked into the house, my mom's reaction was priceless (tears may have come later... from me, too). My weekend was spent with looooots of good food and puppy cuddles. After watching "The Fault in Our Stars", my mom and I even had our own little sleepover Friday night! Let me tell ya, going home is good for the soul. Getting to see my favorite people is exactly what I needed. Leaving home will never get any easier, but getting back to Austin didn't feel so weird this time around. It's starting to feel normal to call this place my home... who knows if I'll ever leave. 

Also, I got to watch John play football on TV. I kinda sorta almost cried when I saw him. Man, I miss him. By the way, Yale won. :)

Thanks for reading all my randomness. There's not much to write about, besides studying, studying, and more studying. Back to studying I go. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Morning Thoughts

1. Why is Starbucks never able to spell my name correctly? I have the most common name in the book. Apparently, my name is 'Madiso' today.
2. I'm sick of wearing nike shorts and t shirts. I'm ready for some cute outfit weather.
3. Long distance relationships are no fun. Zero fun. None.
4. Fall is tomorrow. Tomorrow.
5. Why aren't there more dachshunds walking around Austin? I need some wiener dog love.

Happy Monday, everyone! Go make someone's day today.

Friday, September 5, 2014

There's No Place like Home

^ i love letters. sending and receiving... either way.

Things I miss about people back home:

mom - someone to talk to with no judgement, our late night talks, mexican food runs, her jokes & how she laughs at my jokes, someone who will always, always listen to me. i miss my best friend!

john - bear hugs. his sense of humor and high pitched laugh. i miss having someone to do stupid, crazy stuff with. i miss his silly stories and having someone who will always listen to me. i miss my boyfriend & very best friend. 

dad - his crazy sense of humor. his advice. i miss the sunday morning donuts he would bring me. our jokes that can go on forever and ever and ever.

sister - her crazy, silly stories. having her there for sisterly advice and how she is always down for an ice cream/mexican food run with me.

gran & grandpa - our friday night dinners and our dog park runs. i miss just running around town with gran and always find something to do. i miss how they would listen to me talk and tell stories for hours. 

molly & riley (hey, dogs can be people too) - cuddles and kisses! i miss kissing them on the forehead and petting them till we both fall asleep. i miss dog walks and laughing at their craziness. 

madeline & caroline - my. best. friends. i miss their sense of humor and how we can literally laugh for an hour straight at the dumbest things. our broadway and dog obsession. they just get me. i can't wait to be reunited. 

Is it sad that I already am going home next weekend? Who cares. I MISS HOME! As awesome as Austin is, there is nothing quite like your family and puppies surrounding you. I don't even miss my bed, I just miss the people. They could make me sleep on a wood floor, and I would still come home. I. can't. wait.