Tuesday, October 28, 2014

falling in love with fall

I've always been a winter or spring person. In the winter, you can snuggle up by the fire and drink hot chocolate. In the spring, you can finally start to wear short sleeves again and go on long walks. But, fall really is wonderful. It's slowly beginning to take the lead in my competition for favorite seasons. And Halloween? Don't even get me started. Love love love it. Christmas will always win in my book, but Halloween is a very close second. 

SRD had it's annual fall carnival this afternoon. I may or may not have skipped a class in order to go (sorry, art history), but it was well worth it. There were corn dogs, caramel apples, popcorn, s'mores - you name it. It definitely helped my love for fall grow even more. 

^ The roomie and I put mustaches on our fingers, just for kicks. In the second picture, an SRD waiter decided to photobomb it and he even had a mustache on his finger. Boy, do I love SRD and it's people. 

 ^ Look I got a tattoo! (Just kidding, it's only temporary. Don't worry, Mom!) I decided to cave into the "Flash Tattoo" trend here in Austin. I actually kinda like it. 

^ S'mores. Enough said.

^ SO, Emily and I may be turning into the same person. We woke up this morning and found that we decided to wear basically the exact same thing. We even are getting to the point of finishing each other's sentences and saying the exact same thing at the exact same time. It's weird. Maybe being roomies and being with each other nearly 24-7 explains it?

Also, side note. Emily and I went to Target last night at like, 10:00 to get Taylor's new album. It's beautiful, wonderful, perfect, and everything else that is good. The polaroids that came with the album was the cherry on top. They're now taped to my dorm wall. It makes me want a polaroid camera even more... 

3 more sleeps to Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

a halloween worth melting for

Kappa Delta Halloween casual was a success.

I've been told by several Gideon kids and other people that I look like Elsa from Frozen, so I knew for a while that I wanted to be Elsa for Halloween. But then, someone gave me the idea for my roomie to go as Anna and I thought it was perfect. We asked some pretty awesome guys who are such troopers and were willing to dress up as Olaf and Sven to complete the look. 

Friday afternoon was a little hectic. I ordered an Olaf costume that never came in (I'm so mad...) so it was up to us to make something that would suffice. We went to about 5 different stores in search of supplies (why does no one carry pipe cleaners?!) but finally found what we needed. We came back to my dorm to put it all together, then grabbed dinner, and got ready. 

 ^ You're the Anna to my Elsa, roomie.

Walking down the drag and sitting on a bus was pretty hilarious. All of us had ridiculous costumes on, so of course, staring ensued. But hey, how often do you get to make a complete fool of yourself? We headed downtown and continued to make fools of ourselves dancing like idiots and downing shirley temples... I wouldn't of had it any other way.

Monday, October 20, 2014

family time is the best time

^ dad attempting to do the Kappa Delta hand sign... he got it eventually. ;)

Life is great because this past weekend was parents weekend for my sorority. My mom, dad, and sister came down to Austin to spend the weekend with me - I was so, so happy. I wish they would just move down here so I could be with them all the time. They really are my best friends. We enjoyed looooots of mexican food, dessert, and laughs. Man, I love them. I'm not sure when I'll see them next or go home again, so I'm a little sad (and I really need to see my puppies...). But, thanks fam for letting me show you a little bit of this new place I call home!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Night Update

I got to go home this weekend, which was pretty dang awesome. Seeing my family makes me so so happy... they really are my favorite people. And seeing my puppies? That's the icing on the cake. My dogs are seriously my life... they may or may have not been my hardest goodbye. This weekend I got to enjoy plenty of Mexican food, football, and relaxation time with the fam. It was just what I needed!

This week is promised to be preeeetttyyy crazy. With two papers and mid term coming up, coffee will probably be my best friend this week. But to be honest, I actually love being busy. It makes me happy (sometimes) and gets me up and running. If I wasn't busy, I'd probably nap all the time which is so lame. So, thank you for busyness! 

This weekend is parents weekend for Kappa Delta and I couldn't be more excited. I get to show my family around Austin and get to spend some more time with them. It also gives me an excuse to take them to the best restaurants and dessert dives. This weekend is gonna rock.

I'm praying for peace and a worry-free week. Wish me luck! (Fingers crossed Friday gets here really fast)

^ I love this quote! It defines my growing love for October. 

^ Say hello to my new, little friend, Kevin! The roomie and I bought ourselves each an adorable succulent today (they were only $2 at Whole Foods... how could you not?). And yes, that is Frankenstein on him. It's a halloween costume for him, so he can get in the spirit ;)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

This Weekend

This weekend has already been totally awesome - and it's only Saturday morning. 
My best friend, Madeline, came to visit me yesterday! I was so so happy. Even though she is an Aggie, I think she enjoyed Austin!
I tried to give her a classic Austin weekend. First, we grabbed lunch at Kerbey Lane and had the Kerbey queso - any austinite would say it's the best (it really is). Later, we stopped by the KD house and gave her a quick tour of campus, where we laid on the in the grass in front of the tower. The weather was absolute perfection. 

^ How crazy beautiful is this? Lovin' this cool, fall weather. 

Later that afternoon, we hopped in the car and drove to the Greenbelt, where we hiked and carved some pumpkins with a good group of friends. Traffic was pretty crazy with Baylor game weekend and the Austin City Limits music festival, but we made it. We hiked, carved pumpkins, ate pineapple, took lots of pictures, and jammed to some country and Disney music. 

^ Besties rock! get it? :)

I carved this pumpkin all by myself! The past few years that I've carved pumpkins, John was there to do the hard arm work, but this year, I was on my own. And of course, I had to make it a KD pumpkin. I may or may not have left the pumpkin on the Kappa Delta house porch... happy halloween, KD ;)

Later, we went to South Congress and ate some dang good pizza. We even had Tiff's Treats cookies and Banarchy for dessert. We ate goooood. The food in Austin is reason enough to come to UT. 

I am so so so thankful for good friends and an amazing best friend who would drive all the way to Austin to see me. Days like yesterday bring me so much joy!

Happy October, everyone! Now go carve some pumpkins.